Rabochaya st. 2A, Nikolaev,
Ukraine, 54015, office 816,813
Pf./Fax: +38(0512)564292
Ph.: +38(0512)670572
Pf.: +38(0512)670573

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Rambler's Top100

2007-08-2 YachtCompleteService Ч is our Branch enterprise.
This enterprise build yachts and carries all equipment for them
2007-03-15 NKI95 Kazantip-2 motor-sail yacht with hull from aluminium alloy is now for sale. It was build in 2004. Ukraine.
2006-06-3 New project added - NKI120 Retro
2006-05-30 "Grinda" yacht is for sale
2006-01-17 We have new contacts:
phone +38(0512)670573
phone/fax +38(0512)670572
2005-10-9 New project NKI118 Pleasure 54
2005-09-24 Added new chapter "For sale". Now there produced 3 projects builded by Shipbuilding Company "Lagoon Royal":
NKI103 Lagoon
NKI109 Martin
NKI102 Nostalgia
2005-08-9 Updated projects:
NKI106 White wolf
NKI103 Lagoon
NKI84 Pelengas

New project NKI117 Caroline
2005-08-15 New details to NKI117 Caroline
2005-07-20 Added new projects:
NKI108 Whaler
NKI110 Swallow
NKI111 Saken
NKI113 Flamingo
NKI114 Freedom
NKI115 Batumi
NKI116 Lynx
2005-07-19 New version of our site. Fully modifaed all projects. Out of date information was removed.

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