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NKI97 «Merlin»

Motor yacht with steel hull and light alloy deckhouse

Builder: Proposed for building

Length overall 33.30 m
Length WL 27.5 m
Breadth 8 m
Depth 1.61 m
Displacement 133.8 t
Passangers 14
Speed 18 knots
   NKI97 «Merlin»

Navigation area - in open seas - moving away from safe port up to 50 miles, permissible distance between safe ports up to 100 miles; in enclosed seas - moving away from safe port up to 100 miles, permissible distence between safe ports up to 200 miles.

Regulutory base for designing - Bureau Veritas Rules (Rules for Classification-Certification of Yachts).
Ship class + Yacht I 3/3/S/AL E+ Mach

 General arrangement

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