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Projects total: 60

Rambler's Top100

 Sailing and motor-sail yachts (30)
 Motor yachts (18)
 Special ships of a small tonnage (8)
 Fishing-boats (4)

Picture Project name Length,m Short description
 «Patrol cutter» «Patrol cutter» 7.80 Patrol cutter with hull from light alloy
 «Kalkan» «Kalkan» 11.10 Universal water-jet cutter with aluminum hull
NKI90 «Patrol cutter» NKI90 «Patrol cutter» 14.00 Multi-purpose patrol boat
NKI115 «Batumi» NKI115 «Batumi» 14.50 Berthing tug
NKI99 «Golovastik» NKI99 «Golovastik» 18.00 Small patrol ship for diving support
NKI104 «VRD» NKI104 «VRD» 21.00 Reequipment of widely known ship P-376(VRD) in motor yacht
NKI89 «Patrol cutter» NKI89 «Patrol cutter» 21.00 Multi-purpose patrol boat
NKI29 «Diera» NKI29 «Diera» 25.00 Copy of the ancient Greek ship

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